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Servicios | JGH Logística

Solutions for companies in need of fully or partly outsource their logistics activity, adapted to meet any specific requirements.

JGH Logística offers a wide range of services that can be combined to provide integrated logistics solutions. These services cover every stage of the supply chain (storage at room temperature, temperature controlled storage, bonded warehousing, transport and distribution, as well as a mixing plant for juices and creams).

Room temperature storage | JGH Logística

Almacenaje en Ambiente | JGH Logística
  • Reception of palletized or bulk goods.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Internal and external quality control.
  • Reverse logistics:
    • We can arrange returns of goods according to your needs.
  • Cross Docking.
  • Incident management.
  • Promotional and marketing logistics:
    • Special handling, Kit preparation, etc.
  • Logistics for auxiliary material.
  • Stock control, ongoing inventory.

Temperature-controlled storage: refrigerated and frozen facilities | JGH Logística

Almacenaje a Temperatura Controlada | JGH Logística
  • Our facilities have been designed to provide temperature-controlled storage and distribution services for all kinds of products. We have 98,000 cubic metres of cold facilities to meet any kind of requirement.
  • Engine room with advanced technology. Temperature controls and records, providing customers reports of temperatures and anomalies.
  • Fruit chilling and ripening processes.
  • Vegetable processing.

Bonded Warehouses | JGH Logística

We are authorised by the Customs Office to offer storage of goods with deferred payment of Customs duties, which enables partial dispatches for goods from third countries.

Depósito Aduanero | JGH Logística


  • Import: On receipt, goods are not subject to payment of import duties (tariff and VAT); payment is made subsequently on the portion that leaves the warehouse.
  • Export: Goods received are considered export goods, so VAT can be recovered and export refunds claimed.
  • Goods can be prepared or processed inside the warehouse without tax being payable.
  • Goods inside a bonded warehouse are exempt from trade policy restrictions (embargoes, contingencies, etc.).
  • Simplified Customs bureaucracy paperwork.
  • Licence for storage of food products.

Transport and Distribution | JGH Logística

We offer our clients transport and distribution service to any part of the peninsula.

We are familiar with new distribution channels and guarantee provision of the highest service levels required by major distribution platforms.

Transporte y Distribución | JGH Logística

Mixing Plant for Juices and Creams | JGH Logística

Aseptic mixing room. Our facilities contain an aseptic mixing room for preparing fruit juices and creams. It offers two different services:

Mixing Plant for Juices and Creams | JGH Logística
  • Temperature-controlled mixing of different products in aseptic conditions for subsequent loading onto tanker lorries.
  • 2. Reception of products brought in by tanker lorries and emptied into drums or bins for subsequent freezing and/or direct storage in cold rooms.

Added Value | JGH Logística

Added Value | JGH Logística
  • Personnel assigned full or part-time to attend to your requirements.
  • 2. We can work with the application you use whenever necessary, likewise with your corporate image on packaging, labels, sealing tape, packing list, etc.
  • In our website you can:
    • Place delivery order (Expeditions)
    • Track and trace the status of your shipments
    • Stock Breakdown query
    • Consolidated Stock query
    • Get movements queries and reports
    • EDI: electronic data exchange with your ERP system.
  • Joint development of integration and interface procedures.
  • Electronic invoicing.
  • Loading and unloading of bulk containers.